Earn Wallutas by exercising
Conquer a kingdom
Fortify, battle, win
What is Runno?
By using a mobile app during outdoor activities of running, cycling, rollerblading (more activity modes will be added) you earn points or the currency of Runno called Walluta, and each calorie burnt will earn you 7 Wallutas. At the same time, you have the possibility of claiming areas and building your own Kingdom. To claim an area, you walk, run or bike around that.
Runno is featured by...
TheNexWeb: "Runno offers an interesting mix of workout and location-based gameplay."
Runno skiljer sig från alla andra löparappar att den gör min löpning till ett spel.
...tur för er så finns Runno ännu bara för iPhone men akta er när den kommer till android.
I have read and accepted Runno terms of service.